Responsive and Mobile Website Development

EZ New Media is more than just a web design firm. Sure, we create compelling, eye-catching websites … but we’re also experts in keyphrase search engine optimization, making it easier for consumers and other businesses to find your site. With mobile devices such as tablets, iPads, iPhones and other smartphones now more common than PCs when it comes to viewing websites, we’ve made “responsive design”–that is, dynamic websites that look great on any device–a priority for all new web development

We’ve created hundreds of websites over the past 15 years, but here is a small sampling of our more successful sites:


Each of these websites is built on the popular WordPress platform, which offers unparalleled editing and expansion capabilities.

Integrated Design Solutions

Product design and development specialists with a truly unique website design!

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Ignite Dispensary

unique e-commerce site featuring a thoughtfully crafted selection of Hemp, CBD, tobacco and vapor products

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Husnik Meat Company

e-commerce website giving consumers the ability to purchase yummy meat products and learn more about Husnik Meat Company

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Family Farms LLC

Family Farms produces delicious bacon-wrapped chicken breasts and bacon-wrapped pork loins (because you can never have enough bacon, amirite???)

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Smarte Carte Commercial Strollers

Did you know Smarte Carte also manufactures and distributes commercial strollers? You do now! This website introduces businesses to Smarte Carte's "Kiddie Kruzzer" line of strollers

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Norske Nook Restaurants

We LOVE websites where we get to eat the products! This e-commerce website allows consumers to order world-famous Norske Nook pies, lefse and other products from their four locations in Wisconsin.

R Tews Construction

R Tews Construction is one of Western Wisconsin's premier home builders. This site is designed to show off the incredible quality of their work across Wisconsin.

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Village of Hammond

One of our specialties happens to be websites for municipalities. This website allows the Village of Hammond, Wisconsin to post important communication for village residents. Municipalities please note: our website development is affordable and our sites will be easy for you or your clerk to maintain in house.

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Louies Finer Meats

Louies Finer Meats has some of the best tasting meat products in northwestern Wisconsin and so we developed this complicated e-commerce website to allow consumers to order meat products no matter where they reside in the US.

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Innovational Concepts

Innovational Concepts has a unique stable of services that it offers to a wide array of industries and municipalities

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Hemker Park and Zoo

Hemker Park and Zoo is a small, family and school focused zoo and park in Central Minnesota. This site was almost entirely designed to be displayed primarily on mobile phones yet still look great on tablets and PCs

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Burger Bar White Bear Lake

The Burger Bar is a gourmet burger eatery in White Bear Lake, Minnesota with a tasty selection of burgers and beers in a cozy environment ... ya gotta check it out!

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Northwoods Brew Pub

Have you guessed that we like to do websites for restaurants and bars?? In addition to building this site, we also took all of the photos you see on the site .. check it out!

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Treasures Under Sugar Loaf

This antique store in Winona, Minnesota not only needed an e-commerce website, but also a way to manage the various vendors on the website behind the scenes, which we helped them develop

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