HD & 4K  Video Production Services | Streaming Video for Websites & Social Media

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a video would be worth to your business! From concept to creation, EZ New Media can help your video project come alive every step along the way. For on-location work, our specialties include HD and 4K acquisition and editing, gyroscope stabilized video, aerial drone videography and more!  We can bring a complete studio to your business location, anywhere in the world, including cameras, lights, audio gear, teleprompter, camera cranes and more … you name it and we’ll be there!

On location with Tiara Yachts in Holland, MI - EZ New Media

EZ New Media produces television commercials, marketing and training videos, web videos, trade show videos, Facebook and YouTube videos and highly interactive web sites.  Our online videos are highly optimized for search and typically generate better and higher search results than stand alone web pages! Some key statistics:

  • web video for your business is 54 times more likely to turn up on the first page of search engine results than a regular web page.
  • There are 10,000 web pages for every ONE web video.
  • Over 85% of all web users clicked on an online video in the last 30 days!
  • video posted to YouTube, when done properly, can appear in Google’s search engine results in as little as 15 minutes
  • video can increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%.
  • Research shows 80% of site visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will read content.
  • Web sites with video have an average 4.8% conversion rate vs. 2.9% of web sites without video.

That is the power of online video!

Unlike lots of other creative service companies, our background is in marketing, so no matter what we are producing, we’re always considering what it is going to take to effectively market that message to the target audience.

Follow these links for examples of specific types of videos produced by EZ New Media:

Testimonial Videos (<<<click to follow link)

One of our true specialties is getting people who may not be comfortable appearing on camera to sound natural, and at ease, when appearing on camera. These testimonial videos feature real business owners and customers talking about themselves and their businesses in a way that really connects with viewers.

Marketing and Promotional Videos (<<<click to follow link)

Watch some of the many videos that we’ve produced to help companies promote their products, services or themselves.

Corporate Communications  (<<<click to follow link)

Internal communications at a company does not need to be boring!  Click here to see some examples of internal corporate communications videos we’ve produced for companies like Buffalo Wild Wings, BP, MillerCoors and more!

Television Commercials (<<<click to follow link)

These are some of the hundreds of television commercials we’ve produced over the years for that have aired on local television and cable outlets as well as national television.

Auto and Boat Dealer Commercials and Videos (<<<click to follow link)

One of our specialties is television commercials and videos for auto dealers and boat dealers. Some of the dealers we’ve worked with have been clients for over 20 years! Watch some examples to see why …..

Event Coverage Videos  (<<<click to follow link)

Sure, it’s great to get photos of an event.  However, a video can usually do a much better job at capturing a one time only event! EZ New Media has covered a lot of events: from corporate conventions to music festivals and everything in between.

We invite you to view our YouTube and Vimeo channels to see more examples of our work.

Shooting an episode of Wing TV for Buffalo Wild Wings
Shooting an episode of Wing TV for Buffalo Wild Wings
Jim Zons interviewing Doug Paul, owner of Three Sisters Winery in Dahlonega, GA
Jim Zons interviewing Doug Paul, owner of Three Sisters Winery in Dahlonega, GA