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EZ New Media's solutions from UserWay make WCAG & ADA compliance easier from day one, and every single day thereafter.                        

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Star Tribune Article

Web Accessibility. Solved.

Recently I read an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about a Twin Cities business that was sued for not having a website that is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.  It cost them THOUSANDS.

Huh???  I had no idea!  So I did some research and learned the following:
  • The DOJ confirms ADA applies to websites as of November 2018
  • Lawsuits and demand letters have increased 400% from 2017 through 2023
  • 3,250 web accessibility lawsuits were filed in 2022 and over 100,000 businesses received a demand letter that same year
  • 93% of demand letters settle outside of court for $20,000 – $150,000 on average
  • 7% of businesses fight and lose in court
Yikes!  Those are some scary numbers.  So I looked into how the ADA requires websites to be accessible. Web accessibility refers to making websites usable for people with disabilities. It involves designing and developing websites in a way that people with disabilities, such as those with visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive impairments, can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the website and its content.

From a web programming standpoint, creating a custom solution that addresses accessibility is costly (typically thousands of dollars), and time consuming.  Plus any updates to your site will likely make it inaccessible again.  There are also some free services that claim to make your site accessible after you install their plugin; however, those services do not make your site anywhere close to 100% compliant, leaving you exposed to possible litigation.  Enter UserWay!  


UserWay is a Digital Accessibility Innovator

From websites to apps to PDFs, the technologies from UserWay make content accessible for people with disabilities.

  • Trusted by the world’s leading brands
  • Installed on more than 1,000,000 websites
  • AI technology built for digital accessibility
  • Secure, scalable and standards compliant
  • UserWay’s solution provides ongoing maintenance.
  • UserWay provides litigation support customized for your business.
The thing I really like about this company is that they worked side by side with the disability communities. Those communities played a vital role in their research and development by helping them build a product that truly helps them and addresses their needs.  Best of all, using automated AI technology, once we install UserWay on your website, your site can be close to 100% compliant in 48 hours or less!  Plus, as you add new content to your site, UserWay continually scans your site, and performs updates to your content to make sure anything new that has been added is also ADA compliant.

Your Cost:  Just $600/year

To me, $50 a month is worth every penny … wouldn’t you agree?  Not only are you making your site more accessible to more people, you are also making sure you can’t be targeted by law firms demanding THOUSANDS of dollars in potential settlements. Our $600 yearly fee includes UserWay installation, monthly reports, remediation recommendations (for those objects the AI technology can’t automatically remediate), remediation assistance and more!  If you would rather save some money and install the tool yourself, you can click here to set up your own account with UserWay and handle your own remediation.

The AI Revolution

Intelligent automation meets demand at any scale.


UserWay (AI-Powered Remediation)

Traditional Service-Based Accessibility Companies (Manual Remediation)
Time required to reach compliance (Manual audit + remediation)
1-3 Days
6-24 months
Installation takes less than 1 hour to complete
Not available
No changes are required for a website’s design or source code
Not available
Average percentage of WCAG-compliant code 1 year after installation
< 50%
Full support for adding new pages to a site based on existing templates
Not available
Short implementation process, rapid compliance, quick TTM
Not available
Supports WCAG updates
Not available
User-triggered customization options
Not available

Other Benefits

Websites with UserWay installed enjoy increased traffic, reduced bounce rates, improved SEO rankings, and better conversion rates. An accessible website means that you’re making it easier for people to find your website.

analyzed 847 web domains with accessibility features built in and found that:

  • There was a 12% average increase in overall traffic for all domains
  • 73.4% of domains saw growth in organic traffic
  • 66.1% of all domains saw growth in organic traffic of up to 50%

With Google constantly calculating search engine result page (SERP) rankings by evaluating sites based partly on web page usability and user experience, it just makes sense that websites with more accessibility features would be prioritized over sites without those accommodations.

Not convinced yet?

This might make you reconsider.

After Over 11,000 Lawsuits, the Trend is Going Parabolic.Chart showing increase in accessibility lawsuits from 2014-2021 with more than 5000 lawsuits so far in 2021

There was a time when it was possible to get away with having a website that didn’t work for people with disabilities. But those days are long gone, and ADA regulations for web accessibility are being enforced in court. The easiest way to avoid lawsuits is to automate your code’s remediation with UserWay AI-powered solutions from EZ New Media.

Web Accessibility.
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