I want to take this opportunity to share with you our sincere appreciation for producing the video tour for Boundless Playgrounds. The value that this video will provide to our organization and to the people we serve is tremendous. We receive so many inquiries from potential clients that are too far away from a Boundless Playground to take a personal tour. Some are unable to travel due to economic circumstances, others due to health or personal reasons. This wonderful video tour will now allow them to experience the magic of Boundless Playgrounds. Not only is it an excellent marketing tool, but also allows us to build awareness throughout the world about the importance of universally accessible playgrounds.

Your contribution to this project is invaluable – and we are truly appreciative. For traveling to New England and spending two days shooting to the countless hours you spent editing the final video, we extend our gratitude.

Your vision for this project is demonstrated in the special way that you captured the children’s joy and spirit of universally accessible playgrounds. Your commitment, creative input and development is evident in the final product. Again, many thanks to you and your team.


Amy Jaffe Barzach
Executive Director – Boundless Playgrounds National Center, Bloomfield, CT