Case Study: R. Tews Construction & Design
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R. Tews Construction


This website was designed to match a variety of new print pieces, which in turn included QR codes linking to the website. Having worked with this client several times in the past, we knew that big, beautiful images were key to illustrating the quality of their work. We also knew that photo galleries would play an important role, and that the client would need to feel comfortable adding and editing images. Finally, aggressive on-page SEO was going to be crucial to stake our claim in the search results. Home construction and remodeling is a particularly competitive field, and one of the few where we regularly see seeds of SEO on competitors’ sites. (Yes, in many industries the first page of Google seems to be there for the taking…even today, the majority of websites do not have effective SEO in play.)

You’ll see a video produced by EZ New Media on the home page for this website, and there are extensive testimonials throughout the site. These are two great things to have on your website! There is also a CONTACT form in the upper right portion of every page. Gone are the days when you would rely on the “contact” page alone to share your information. We usually put the address, phone, email and social icons in the footer of every website, and a strong “call to action” on every page. As you have probably noticed from your own Internet habits, people browse at lightning speed; statistics show that you’re lucky to have people spend a mere 60 seconds on your website. So the name of the game is IMPULSE, and we want to give visitors every chance to reach out for details on what you’re offering.

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